New Equipment

We offer a wide variety of new equipment from a number of major manufacturers which supports our business. Below are some highlights of each brand.  If you have questions regarding any particular brand, our team of professionals can provide you the answers to make an educated decision on the equipment that is right for your needs.


Atlas Copco’s GA compressors bring you outstanding performance, flexible operation and the highest productivity, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. With a choice of 3 premium compressor series you will certianly find the compressed air solution that perfectly matches your requirements. Built to perform even in the harchest environments, our products keep your production running efficiently. Available with standard TEFC and energy saving variable speed drive (VSD) motors.   Web:


The Ultimate Performance Rotary Screw Air Compressor  provides more air at higher pressure than competitive machines. Available with standard ODP and TEFC motors and energy saving variable frequency drive motors.   Web:


As a prime manufacturer of industrial grade two stage reciprocating air compressors and pumps for more than 90 years, Saylor-Beall has built its reputation on quality and the proven ability to meet the special needs of our customers. Stationary reciprocating  compressors are available from 1.5HP to 30HP, electric or gas, single or two stage.  Web:


As a third-generation manufacturer known for quality and craftsmanship, Rolair compressors are built in the heart of Wisconsin exclusively for professional contractors. Stationary reciprocating  compressors are available from 1.5HP to 20HP, electric or gas, single or two stage.   Web:


Hankison is dedicated to supplying quality compressed air treatment products worldwide. Hankison offers a wide variety of refrigerated, energy saving cycling and non cycling dryers at a pressure dew point of 39 degrees. If your need is to run critical instrument air or applications requiring compressed air to run outdoors, Hankison carries a line of regenerative air dryers with pressure dewpoints to -100 degrees.   Web:


Clean, dry compressed air  saves you money, reduces energy costs, prevents air line freeze-ups and prevents downtime. Van Air has full range of air dryer solutions, both refrigerated and regenerative dryers as well as filtration, drains and accessories.   Web:


Filtration, compressed air drying, condensate management techonology, advanced measurement devices . . . complete solutions for your compressed air challenges. BEKOMAT® GUARANTEES A SHORT PAYBACK PERIOD BEKOMAT® from BEKO has become the industrial standard because of its high reliability and particularly because it offers energy-saving operation without loss of compressed air.  Web:
macair MACAIR is dedicated to manufacturing high quality refrigerated air dryers, filters and drain systems designed to remove moisture and contaminates from compressed air systems. We are proud of the fact that all of our air dryers are manufactured in Walled Lake, MI USA. MACAIR selects only the highest quality components and materials to use in the manufacturing process of our dryers. Thousands of our dryers are installed in some of the most well known blue chip companies throughout the USA and Canada. All of our products are available through and supported by our network of world class air compressor distributors throughout North America.   Web:


What volume, ultimate pressure and pumping speed does your application require? Which pump features are most important when working with your process? Which pumping technology is ideal for you? Each process requires a unique vacuum approach, and Busch vacuum experts will help you determine the best option for your business. Our broad range of vacuum and pressure products allows us to offer state-of-the-art solutions that will meet your specific needs. Busch USA Line Card  | Web:


Today, Motivair is a leading supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems for data centers, hospitals, industrial applications, institutional and commercial buildings. Quality, reliability and energy-saving are the three core philosophies embodied in all Motivair products, and installations are supported by a network of qualified refrigeration technicians.  Web:


Since the inception of Solberg in 1968, customers in the small air compressor market have relied on our filter products. Today, this compact and dependable design is still considered the market standard.   Web:


Summit’s SH series lubricants are manufactured from the highest quality synthetic hydrocarbon  base-stocks and advanced additive technology. SH® Series lubricants are recommended for rotary screw,  centrifugal, and reciprocating compressors and offer many advantages over petroleum-based lubricants as well as some synthetics – especially where compatibility is an important concern. The SH® Series lubricants have low pour points, high viscosity indexes and excellent water demulsibility.  Web: