Air Leak Surveys and Complete Air Audits

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Appleton Compressor is pleased to offer air leak surveys and complete plant air audits.  These offerings are sponsored by Focus on Energy throughout the state of Wisconsin. Appleton Compressor has been recently awarded Platinum Level status as part of the Trade Ally Program of Focus on Energy.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, compressed air systems can account for as much as 30% of a plant’s total energy consumption.
Appleton Compressor is pleased to offer air leak surveys and complete system audits of your plant.

Benefits of a Compressed Air Energy Audit• Reduced electrical costs
• Reduced spending on new equipment
• Increases accuracy when sizing new systems

We will be using a high end ultrasonic device to locate your air leaks. Ultrasonic meters can detect leaks that normal human hearing cannot detect. At the very minimum a 3-shift operation can expect to waste $3000 annually. Through our experience, this number could exceed $50,000 annually depending upon the number & severity of leaks discovered.

Survey Process

Each leak will be photographed and the location is tagged with a 2-part tag. Each tag has a tear-off of REPAIRED. The 2-part tag allows you to monitor the history of the leak and ensure it has been fixed by your technician. As an option Appleton Compressor will be happy to fix the leaks at our standard service rate.

Once the leaks have been tagged and repaired, Appleton Compressor will return to your plant and check the leaks once again to ensure they have been repaired. This step is optional.

At the end of the survey, Appleton Compressor will submit a report of all air leaks found in your production facility and its yearly cost.
The report will include an estimate of how much air you have lost in CFM at a given pressure and will calculate the total cost/year in wasted energy based on your average kilowatt/hr. pricing. The report will also display which leaks have been repaired and will show your annual energy savings.

Return on Investment

When all of the air leaks are repaired, your return on investment is immediate, as your monthly electric bill is decreased.

Optional Repairing of Leaks

Companies that don’t have the bandwidth or maintenance personnel to repair the air leaks, can take advantage of the services we offer.

We would be pleased to repair the leaks as we locate them for you. Simple leaks that can be repaired immediately would be hose leaks, poly tube fitting leaks, couplings, and general Teflon tape fixes.  We will take note of other repairs such as filter bowls, lubricators, regulators, pressure gauge leaks and replace them for you at your convenience.

Focus on Energy Incentives

Businesses operating in Wisconsin are eligible for money back rebates for an ultrasonic air leak survey.

Focus on Energy provides rebates for:

– Variable Speed Drive air compressors–  Compressed Air Heat Recovery
–  Cycling Refrigerated Dryers
–  No Air Loss Condensate Drains
–  Pressure Flow Controllers
–  Compressed Air Mist Eliminators


Click on the chart below to get a detailed look of what your savings can be.